Codliveroil is an animal, fat containing oil from the liver of fish. Often codfish is used to produce this. To detract oil from the livers, there are two methods available. This is heating and fermentation. Both processes result in codliveroil, but they are completely different.

Which one to choose? Normal (heated) cofliveroil, or fermented codliveroil? We explain all about is in our artile: Fermented codliveroil or the regulier (heated) codliveroil?

Why choose fermented codliveroil and not regular codliveroil?

Fermentation is done without heating, and it’s a natural process. At this process lactic acid bacteria are fed with carbohydrates (sugars) in fish livers, so they are resolved enzymatic. Codliveroil remains.

Regulier codliveroil is produced by heating the oil and creating pressure. This process is unnatural and damages most of the healthy parts and vitamins. The main reason why this method is used, is that it’s cheaper and faster than fermentation.

Choose Fermented Codliveroil

An important part of Codliveroil is Omega-3. This is a very vulnerable oil, and will be destroyed by heating it. When choosing fermented codliver oil, you are sure that there is still Omega-3 in it which is undamaged. We do only sell fermented Codliveroil.


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