Leikang Mouth Mask FFP2 20 pcs.

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SKU Mouth Mask FFP2 20 pcs.

FFP2 masks have, according to the standard, a filtration capacity of at least 94% of the particles present in the air up to a size of 0.6 μm and a maximum leakage of 8% on the side when inhaled. An FFP2 mask protects against aerosol droplets, pollen and bacteria. An FFP2 mask is sufficient in primary healthcare. FFP2 masks fit the face better.

Packed per 20 pieces, single packed


This respiratory protection mask complies with NEN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 and is DEKRA certified.

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More Information
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How do I put the mask on safely? Before removing the mask from the packaging, it is important to wash your hands well. Then remove the mask from the packaging and make sure you only touch the outside of the mask. Put the mask over your mouth and attach the elastics behind your ear. Make sure the elastics are not twisted and adjust if necessary. Press the metal strip at the nose to properly seal the mask. Test if the mask is closed properly by exhaling hard 3 times into the mouth cap. If you feel air slipping from your nose, you can adjust the nose strip and see if it is better closed. Touch the cap as little as possible when wearing it. If your mask gets damp while wearing it, it is wise to replace it. How do I safely remove the mask from my face? To remove the mask, make sure not to touch the mask. Only touch the elastics and remove the mask by removing only the elastics from your head. When the mask is removed from your head, you can dispose of it in a closed garbage bag. After discarding, make sure to wash your hands again.
These mouth masks are for single use. The recommended wearing time is 4 to a maximum of 8 hours.