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The complex for the CELLULIGEM line is a synergy of bud extracts that are useful in a slimming course to combat the unintended effects of cellulite in a sustainable way. The bud of ash is traditionally used in combination with a balanced diet to facilitate weight loss.

Content: 50 ml (35% full)

Celluligem can be used:

  • Eliminates cellulite in a sustainable way
  • Has a soft and gradual effect
  • Cleanses the body
  • For a good moisture balance
  • Helps with being overweight

HerbalGem gemmotherapy is extremely effective in promoting well-being:

  • the bud contains all the energy and properties of the plant
  • they only prepare fresh buds from nature or organic cultivation
  • all phases of the preparation process - from harvesting to bottling - are under full control of HerbalGem

The gemmo products from HerbalGem are extremely concentrated, a small dose is sufficient. These products have several advantages compared to D1-diluted glycerine macerates (D1 means that the extract is diluted up to 10 times):

  • intake 10 times less alcohol
  • preparation directly in a mixture of water-alcohol glycerin retains all the active components of the bud
More Information
Brand HerbalGem
Gebruik Unless otherwise advised: Take 15 drops per day. Can be used together with Celluseve BIO . For optimal results, take recommended drops directly on the tongue and keep the macerate in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. The drops can also be dissolved in a little (spring) water or honey and taken immediately. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
ingredients Ingredients: Buds of chestnut tree * (castanea vesca / sativa mill. Gemmae), ash * (fraxinus excelsior l. Gemmae) and hazelnut * (corylus avellana l. Gemmae), alcohol (35% vol.) *, Water, vegetable glycerin. Content: 50 ml (35% full). * Comes from organic cultivation. Certified by Certisys: BE-BIO-01.
Waarschuwing Note: The information on this page is intended as general support, promotion and optimization of health. It is not intended to promote this product as a medicine, as a diagnostic tool, to cure, to treat or to prevent any disease. Storage: after opening, store in a dark and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Celluligem BIO is no substitute for a healthy and varied diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking prescription medication, contact your prescriber before using the product.