Bulletproof Koffie - The Original

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Bulletproof Original coffee is a single estate coffee that is roasted medium. Grown on coffee plantations that work according to the criteria of organic certification.

Bulletproof Original coffee is the result of a search by the American food expert Dave Asprey for the best performance-enhancing coffee beans that he could find in the world. It took him 10 years to identify the steps in the production process that release toxic substances that reduce performance. That is why the development of these toxic substances is avoided in the Bulletproof coffee production process. You can make the usual coffee or the so-called Bulletproof coffee recipe with grass butter and XCT oil.

With Bulletproof Original coffee you not only feel better, it also tastes great. The coffee has an aroma of sweet plums, a subtle acidity of oranges and a finish of cocoa and hazelnut.

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