Canchalagua Tea

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Promotes normal and regular menstruation, works to purify the blood, has a positive influence on the liver and gallbladder and can be used on sensitive skin.

Content: 50 grams


Canchalagua is an herb that grows to approximately 50 cm. Small quantities grow annually on the mountain slopes of the Andes. Canchalagua is an inconspicuous appearance and looks like a dry (dried out) plant. The flowers are very small and almost invisible. The herb grows on the slopes and hills, in the undergrowth and even in the vicinity of farms. Canchalagua can grow to 3800 m above sea level.

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More Information
Oro Verde
According to traditional recipe: 5 grams of tea in 1 liter of water. Pour hot water on the tea and then let it brew for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink 3 times 300 ml during the day.
Leaf and flower extract from the Schkuhria pinnata (Lam.) For making tea. The primary plant material comes from the Peruvian Andes (southern Peruvian province of Puno). Content: 50 grams.
Note: The information on this page is intended as general support, promotion and optimization of health. It is not intended to promote this product as a medicine, as a diagnostic tool, to cure, to treat or to prevent any disease. Since it contains active substances (polyine lacquer), allergic reactions can occur in highly sensitive individuals. In the event of an allergic reaction, immediately discontinue use, contact your doctor. Suitable for use in the short term (3 weeks) up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Store preferably in a dark and cool place. Not suitable for children and keep out of reach of children. This dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.