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Chaga Extract is an effective natural supporter and widely known for its healing effect. The product contains a delicious combination of Finnish wild Blueberries and Finnish wild Chaga Extract.

Content: 25 grams


Organic Blueberries and hand-picked wild Chaga is a delicious combination of Finnish wild Blueberries and Finnish wild Chaga Extract and is known for its healing effect and is an effective and natural supporter.

You can mix the Chaga Extract & Blueberry Powder with yogurt or cottage cheese or sprinkle over the porridge. Chaga Extract & Blueberry Powder can also be used in bread or baking. The dried berries are ground to a coarseness whereby most of the seeds are broken, so that the oils and other bioactive substances can be used by our body.

A box of Blueberries contains the seeds, flesh and peels of 6000-7000 Blueberries. The dyes in the berry peels are a true antioxidant bomb when using different colors; blue, red and yellow berries. The Blueberries are hand-picked and come directly from the Finnish Lapland in Scandinavia.

More Information
More Information
Add the powder to smoothies, yogurt, shakes, porridge or use it as an ingredient during baking 25 g Chaga Extract & Blueberry Powder corresponds to 1.5 kg of fresh Blueberries and 100 g of Wild Chaga. Put about 0.5-1 teaspoon of powder in a cup and pour hot water on it. For a sweeter taste you can add honey or coconut sugar. Just stir and your drink is ready. You can also mix the powder with a smoothie or protein drink, as the powder no longer needs to be cooked like raw Chaga. Despite the low weight, the jar will last a very long time.
Freeze-dried powder of wild Finnish Blueberries, Chaga Extract, dextrin, extract of wild blueberries, sweeteners (steviol glycosides)
Not to be used in combination with antibiotics