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Certain nutrients can greatly disrupt our natural defense mechanism.
Bacthycitrus contains extracts of grapefruit seeds and thyme. The thyme contributes to our natural defense mechanism and also strengthens the resistance. The extract of grapefruit seeds increases the resistance to adverse bacteria.

Content: 30 capsules

  • Good for the throat
  • Care of blister packs
  • Helps make stool thicker
More Information
More Information
Laboratoires Fenioux
Unless otherwise recommended: 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon and 1 capsule in the evening for 10 days. Take the capsule with a large glass of water during the meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Ingredients (per 3 capsules): 690 mg of thyme (thymus vulgaris), 90 mg of grapefruit seed extract (citrus paradisi), gelatin (capsule wall). Content: 30 capsules.
Note: The information on this page is intended as general support, promotion and optimization of health. It is not intended to promote this product as a medicine, as a diagnostic tool, to cure, to treat or to prevent any disease. Keep dry and cool. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Bacthycitrus is not a substitute for a healthy and varied diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking prescription medication, contact your prescriber before using the product.